Monday, November 16, 2009

The Importance of Art

As with most cultures, art is an integral part of everyday life. It is no different in the Latino culture. Cultures tell their story over the course of time through their art. And subsequent generations learn of their history through art.

When we headquarted our bank in East Los Angeles over 45 years ago, our founders wanted for the community to learn and be proud of community's Mexican roots. The founders chose to express the history by engaging a wonderful artist by the name of Jose Reyes Meza. For over 45 years, the entrance of the Bank's headquarters has been guarded by the five murals shown below.

In September 2009, the Bank decided to recommit itself to the support of the local arts. The first effort of this initiative involved exhibiting the works of a family of local artists, the Sibaja family. The Sibaja family is comprised of two brothers and one sister. The exhibition took place on October 24, 2009, during the Bank's 45th anniversary celebration. Subsequent to the event, the Bank has dedicated a section of the main branch to displaying the art of the Sibaja family.

Recently, the local media took notice of the Bank's tie-in to the arts and chose to feature the Bank and the Sibaja family in a piece for Spanish language television.

In an effort to continue our support the arts, Pan American Bank will feature local artists in a series of MasterCard debit cards. The first card will feature the art of Calixto Sibaja. Future versions of the card will also feature talented local Latino artists. The first debit card is expected for release in January 2010.

A prototype of the cards is shown below.

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  1. Art is an essential element of life. It is used to communicate without the use of words.